10 Places To Reunite With A Loved One In Melbourne

Over 1.2 million Brits live in Australia. Do you know one? Do you miss them? If your answer is yes to both questions, we suggest you keep reading. Oh, do we have some ideas for you! There’s no better place to reunite with a loved one than in Melbourne. Let us help you plan out the perfect reunion in the greatest city in the world! Here are 10 of our best places to meet in Melbourne!

Under the clocks at Flinders Street Station

There’s no more famous or iconic place to meet in Melbourne than the grand entrance of Flinders Street Station. Just how famous is this meeting spot?  It has its own phrase amongst Melbournians; “meet you under the clocks.”

Between the painted walls of Hosier Lane

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Add a little colour to your reunion by meeting in the gorgeous Hosier Lane.  This laneway in the Central Business District is always stunning and always changing.

At a cafe with a flat white

No one does coffee quite like Melbourne. The signature drink in the city? A flat white, of course.  Order one (or two) and sip slowly while you reunite with a loved one.

On St. Kilda Beach

Ahhh, St. Kilda. This special beach is the perfect meeting spot. Reminisce while watching the kite boarders test the Victoria winds or jump into one of the unique cafes and eateries right off of the boardwalk.

Under the stained glass at the National Gallery of Victoria

Where’s the largest stained glass ceiling in the world?  Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria.  Catch up on the soft seating underneath it before walking the free exhibits.

Over smashed avocado toast

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A good reunion needs a good meal. If you’re meeting up in the morning, do it over smashed avocado toast at any Melbourne breakfast spot. You’re sure to enjoy this casual dish that Australians just love.

In the seats of the MCG

You may want to pick which specific seats to meet, because there are over 100,000 of them in Australia’s most famous sporting venue. If you want time to catch up, what better way to do it than a full day of watching cricket.

On the floor of the State Library of Victoria

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Libraries aren’t always the first choice to do something social, but not all libraries are like this one in Melbourne. Find each other on the ground floor and then explore this historic and picturesque building.

On a moving tram car restaurant

Reuniting with a loved one is a moving experience. Why not reunite at a moving dinner? The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant wines and dines its passengers all why navigating around the city for one of the most unique dining experiences in the world.

At the car hire centre before your Great Ocean Road trip

Want to explore outside of Melbourne? A road trip in Victoria is the way to do it. The famous Great Ocean Road is just an hour outside of Melbourne. Find a friend, hire a car and partake in the greatest road trip on the planet.

This list could have gone into the hundreds! Truth is, there’s no bad place to reunite someone special in the world’s greatest city.


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