10 reasons you need to be in a hot air balloon in Victoria in 2017


There are no better ways to witness the gorgeous landscape and bright colours of Australia than by climbing into a hot air balloon basket and floating in the cool morning air.   With sunrise balloon flights in various parts of Victoria, there’s nothing stopping you from booking a ride on your next trip to Melbourne.  So what makes a balloon flight over our state such an unforgettable experience?  Here are ten of the many reasons:

The most amazing views

There’s no such thing as an ugly sunrise in Victoria and a view of one high up in a balloon is something to behold.

You can see Melbourne from above

Surely you’ll explore Melbourne on foot while you’re visiting, but why not see it from the air as well?

Perfect start to the week 🎈 Photo thanks to: @trnt_s

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You can see Melbourne from a distance

A balloon flight from Melbourne usually includes a distant view of the skyline.  Even more dazzling, a flight from the Yarra Valley also reveals a faint outline of the city.

The Yarra Valley looks like this in the morning

No need explaining this one.

Today's sunrise is divine 🌞 Photo: @photo_tourism

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The flight prep process is part of the fun

Part of the experience is watching the crew set up the balloon and inflate it with some pyrotechnics.

Fire up the burners! Photo thanks to @kat_ut.

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Every flight is different

There are no steering wheels on hot air balloons.  They go where the wind takes them.  So, even if you’ve taken a flight in Victoria before, your next trip won’t look anything like your last one.

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Your pilots are highly trained

Pilots for Victoria’s hot air balloon companies are highly trained and have years of navigation experience.  They have the skills to take you way high up and right down to ground level.

It’s easy to take pictures

A hot air balloon simply floats in the sky, which means it’s easy to hold your camera steady and capture the perfect shot.

It’s absolutely quiet

There is an incredible silence to a balloon flight.  What could be more peaceful than watching the sunrise over Melbourne without any city noises?

You land before breakfast

A hot air balloon experience in Victoria doesn’t take all day.  In fact, it doesn’t take much of your day at all.  Flights leave at sunrise and by the time you land, you’ll still have a full day to explore on foot.

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We’d call a hot air balloon ride in Victoria a ‘once-in-a-lifetime-experience’ but that would imply you wouldn’t want do it twice. Interested in your first basket ride?  To find out more about hot air ballooning in Victoria, visit our website www.visitmelbourne.com.