8 things to know for the perfect campervan tour through Victoria

Did your 2017 new year’s resolutions include travelling? If so, Victoria is ready for you. And by ready, we mean this state has thousands of kilometres of wide-open coastal roads, hundreds of brilliant natural sites to see and a fleet of luxury campervans waiting to be hired. Wild kangaroos are ready to be spotted, magnificently carved rock formations are ready to be photographed and the stunningly bright Milky Way is ready to be the canopy above where you sleep.

Victoria is made for campervan touring, especially for those who have never hired a campervan. Here are some of our top tips for planning an epic campervan adventure through Victoria.

Photo: farmboyted, Flickr

Plan to drive slowly

There are a lot of reasons for this; you won’t want to miss any incredible views, there’s roaming wildlife that may cross onto the road, and you’ll be driving a large campervan. So make sure to take it slow and enjoy the drive, wherever it may be in Victoria!

For detailed itineraries and day-by-day suggestions for travel in Victoria, head to our Visit Melbourne website! We’ll see you on the road.

Photo: Destination Gippsland

Want to go to Sydney too? Drive instead of flying

We understand you may want to visit that other big city in Australia. But, if you’re going to go to Sydney, why not do it in the most gorgeous, epic and unforgettable way possible? The Melbourne to Sydney Coastal Drive is one of Australia’s most scenic road trips and takes travellers along the pristine shoreline of southern Australia. It’s worth skipping a flight.

The longer your road trip, the cheaper your campervan

Many campervan hire services reduce the price per day of the vehicle when you book a longer trip. Of course, we recommend a long and leisurely road trip through Victoria and this tip may keep the costs down. If you’re looking at a six day road trip, extend it to seven and you may see the price fluctuate.

Photo: Mark Clinton

Book your campervan in before you arrive

If you’re reading this blog and thinking about travelling to Australia, you probably are already a good planner. Keep up the good work by booking a campervan in advance. Car hire agents will gladly take your reservations in advance and guarantee you a campervan on your arrival to Victoria. Many agents will also give you a better price when you book before you arrive!

Photo: Andrew Watson

Many wineries are campervan friendly

Yes, you can visit and sip wine a winery in the High Country and not have to drive until the next day! Maui Motorhomes has created a Winery Havens package that allows campervan drivers to visit a winery AND stay for the night in their motorhomes. No, it’s not too good to be true.

Photo: Robert Blackburn

Petrol prices are lower in Australia

We’ve got great news. Right now in Australia, petrol is around .40GBP per litre less expensive than it is in the UK. Use that extra discount to explore even farther than you normally would!

Photo: David Kirkland for Tourism North East

Book your camping sites in advance

As we said, a campervan tour through Victoria is a popular activity. That means some campervan camping sites fill up in advance. Just to be sure, you’ll want to book ahead to secure a place to rest for the night!

Photo: Destination Gippsland

Dedicated camping sites are the best places to stay

Thankfully, Victoria is full of high-quality, clean camping sites to park your campervan at night. Many of these grounds include power hookups, showers and even internet, all at rates significantly lower than hotels! For a large list of campervan parks in Victoria, visit our website!


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