10 reasons why Australia’s Wilsons Prom is a must-visit paradise

If you want full immersion into Australian wildlife, there is no place better than Wilsons Promontory.

Imagine walking barefoot down a deserted beach while a wild kangaroo bounces alongside in the bush.

Or picture yourself perched at the top of one the Prom’s many elevated overlooks and gazing at an ocean vista without another person in sight. There are hundreds of unforgettable experiences awaiting those who take a visit to this perfectly preserved park east of Melbourne. Here are ten reasons a journey to this Aussie gem should be at the top of your travel wish-list.

Roberto Seba

Over 180 species of birds call it home

Australia is known for its unique species of birds. Wilsons Prom is home to 180 versions of them. Not only can you see a range of special birds, the area is quiet enough that you can easily hear them.  Make extra sure to listen for this famous laugh of Australia’s Kookaburra:

Unique rock formations

The park features distinct granite rock formations that dot the landscape.  Many of the rocks are smooth on top, providing a perfect surface to lay down a picnic while being surrounded by nature.

Parks Victoria

You can stay in a hut, lodge or retreat

There is no better way to comfortably sleep in stunning Australian wilderness than at a lodging spot in Wilsons Prom.  You can stay in a hut, lodge or retreat near the Tidal River and rest your head, and your feet, after a day exploring.

Proximity to Melbourne

While the Prom is uninhabited and perfectly secluded, it easily accessible from Victoria’s capital. You can sip world-class coffee in Melbourne in the morning and be on a beach in Wilsons Prom before lunchtime.  

Wilsons Promontory is a perfect place to visit while journeying the Melbourne to Sydney Coastal Drive.  For more driving itineraries, route suggestions and information please visit our website by clicking here.

Roberto Seba

It is spectacularly secluded

The largest coastal wilderness area in Victoria lies within Wilsons Prom. While you may find ample Aussie animals, scenic views and sandy beaches, you won’t find many man made structures or people in the park’s 505 square kilometres.

Roaming wildlife

Kangaroos, wombats, emus, echidnas and more Aussie animals have the same freedom to roam as you do in Wilsons Prom. The locals will tell you there’s no better place for an close encounter with an adorable wombat.

Squeaky beach

This famous beach gets its name from the sound you hear as you walk across it. The pristine white quartz sand literally squeaks at every press of the foot.

Unbelievable views

The terrain of Wilsons Prom is hilly and even mountainous in places. Quick climbs to elevated spots reveal sweeping vistas and ocean views. The sights from places such as the top of Mt Oberon will leave you lost for words and must be seen to be believed.

It has over 80km of walking trails

Hiking and backpacking is encouraged at Wilsons Prom. The park has over 80km of bushwalking trails that wind through its variety of terrain.

It’s as far south as Australia goes

The park is the southernmost point of mainland Australia. A trip to the very bottom of The Prom means you’re standing on the limits of an entire continent!


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