10 reasons to love Qantas International Economy

With daily flights from the UK, Qantas brings thousands of customers to and from Australia every week in the utmost of comfort.

Its A380 used for the trip is spacious, modern and stylish. For those flying in the economy cabin, these are just a few of the standout features that UK customers experience on their international flight.

Qantas A380

An award-winning quiet flight

The A380 flying between the UK and Australia was engineered to keep noise to a minimum.  The plane has received awards and accolades for its lack of noise emission, meaning customers can have a restful flight between continents.   With engines made my Rolls Royce, it’s no surprise the A380 provides a quiet ride.

A break at the world-class Dubai Airport Concourse A

On flights from London to Australia, a short layover in Dubai gives you a chance to experience the world’s first concourse designed specifically for A380s.  Built in 2013, Concourse A is a state-of-the-art facility with a variety of restaurants, shops and plenty of area to walk around.  The floor space of the concourse is the equivalent to 66 football pitches.

To experience the Qantas difference for yourself, head to the Qantas website for the latest information on fares and availability for flights to Melbourne.

Help yourself to the self-serve snack bar

A self-service snack bar

A customer favourite, the self-service snack bar is available to everyone in the international economy cabin while the plane is at cruising altitude.  For those who love a midnight snack or a nibble between meals, the bar is filled with drinks and tempting treats – just help yourself when you feel like it.

Pre-order your meal with Select on Q-Eat

Option to pre-order inflight meal

Customers travelling in International Economy on flights from Australia have the option to select their inflight meals between 7 days and 12 hours before takeoff with Qantas’ convenient Select on Q-Eat service. Either online or through the Qantas app, you can browse the upcoming flight’s menu and select what you would like to be served in the air. You even have an extra option to choose from an online exclusive.

PC power and USB power

Laptops, tablets and phones can all be charged at your economy seat through the convenient USB outlet and PC power ports. It’s an easy way for you to have your devices charged and ready by the time you land in Australia.

Savour your delicious inflight meal

Quality food that isn’t served on trays

Qantas has a wide array of delicious menu options that are served how good food should be served – on a dish. There are no food trays in Qantas International Economy, a revolutionary step in the airline industry. The menu changes frequently to keep foods fresh and provide frequent travellers with new options.

The innovative footrest net

Comfort on international flights is a priority and Qantas has installed unique footrest nets under each set. The inventive net means you can elevate and adjust your feet freely instead of having to rest them on a horizontal bar. It’s a small detail, but one that lets passengers stretch their legs for the duration of the flight and relax into a deeper recline.

Choose from over 1,500 entertainment options on demand

More than 1,500 entertainment options

In each seat on the A380 is a touch-screen entertainment system to keep customers occupied throughout the duration of the flight.  Catch up with the latest TV shows, movies, news updates, albums and even audio books that are available at the touch of a screen.  See what’s showing on your flight, or download complimentary newspapers and magazines from around the world through the Qantas app via PressReader before your flight.

Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink

An Australian welcome drink

After takeoff, customers in the international economy cabin are treated to a distinctly Australian beverage from Bickford’s.  Started in the 1800s, Bickford’s has made quintessentially Australian drinks for over a century.  Enjoy a taste of Australia before you even land with a signature complimentary welcome drink.

Relax in your comfortable seat

A cutting-edge and comfortable seat

For maximum comfort, the seats on the Qantas A380 flights from the UK to Australia are made by German manufacturer Recaro, the same company that produces seats for Audi, Aston Martin and the dugout of Manchester United.  The award-winning economy seats are specifically designed to aid in side-sleep and provide more legroom while offering adjustable head rests.


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