10 Tips for planning an Australian road trip

Planning an epic road trip on a different continent sounds like a tall task, but trust us, it’s easy and totally worth it. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to putting together an unforgettable journey in Australia. An energetic capital city, towering mountain ranges, waddling penguins and deserted beaches all await to those who map out a trip through Victoria. So why wait? We’ll see you on the road.

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Car hire depots are located in Melbourne CBD

A road trip through Victoria usually starts in Melbourne. You don’t need a car to enjoy the city, especially since the trams will take you just about anywhere you want to go. Once you’re done sipping world-class coffee, walking the laneways and enjoying the museums, head to a car depot conveniently located in the CBD. Most are within walking distance of Flinders Street Station!

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Watch out for wildlife

If you want to see unique animals in the wild, Australia is your place. A road trip through Victoria usually means encounters with kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and more. But wild animals are wild and they can venture out into the road, especially at dusk when its prime feeding time for kangaroos. Drive carefully and keep an eye out for our treasured wildlife!  

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Plan to improvise

Sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. When planning a drive from point A to point B, keep in mind that just about every route in Victoria is full of scenic lookouts and intriguing sideroads. Budget in an hour or two on each day for a little improvisation.   

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Bring binoculars

Once you drive outside of Melbourne, the landscape in Victoria is wide open.  You may see something in the distance you want to check out; a rock formation, a mob of kangaroos or even a rising hot air balloon. A pair of binoculars should always be handy when navigating through a land full of surprises!

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Pack sunscreen and insect repellent

Ok, we may sound a bit like your mum, but it’s worth reminding you.

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Download an offline map onto your phone

Koalas and emus don’t need WiFi, so you may have limited data service when you’re exploring Victoria’s nature. If you download a few maps to your phone before you leave Melbourne, you won’t need data when you’re out exploring. Google allows you to store a few maps on your phone for times when you’re without internet.

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Check the tide times

Many of the best road trips through Victoria travel along the scenic coast. A walk on an isolated beach is an essential experience, but you’ll want to check when the tide is low. Want to know the tide times at your next sandy stroll? This website does the trick!

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Ask the locals for their favourite spots

It’s good to have the major points of your road trip planned out, but make sure to leave some time for spots recommended by the locals. Australians are known for being extroverts and just about anywhere you go, there will be someone eager to give you advice on what to see next.  The servers, petrol station attendants, bakers and other service industry members in Victoria’s small towns are your best resource for discovering hidden gems. You just may find yourself on a secluded beach or secret trail through the rainforest.

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Pack lightweight shoes instead of heavy hiking boots

Victoria’s landscape is one of the most diverse on the planet.  Within hours, you can walk on a mountain trail or through a rainforest or on a beach that squeaks under your footsteps. Other than a few steep mountain paths, there’s really no need for heavy hiking boots. Instead, pack a versatile pair shoes that are comfortable, lightweight and most like what you would normally wear to explore somewhere in the UK.

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Plan to eat pies at local bakeries

Victoria is full of quaint and historic small towns. Any direction you drive, you’ll likely pass through at least one of them on any given day. If you’re hungry, stop into the local bakery for a quintessential Australian snack; the meat pie. You’ll be guaranteed a warm, inexpensive and delicious meal!
Ready to hit the road?  We can’t wait to see you in Victoria.  Looking for more inspiration? Our Australia Road Trip blog is full of tips and customized itineraries for UK travellers. For even more planning tools visit our website at!


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