7 spectacular water activities possible in Victoria

The sea once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”  -Jacques Cousteau

Nowhere is that more true than in Victoria, Australia. From the popular beaches of the Mornington Peninsula to the whale-filled waters of Warrnambool and the rocky shores of Phillip Island, Australia’s most southern mainland state is a water-lover’s playground. Here are just a few of the aquatic activities that dazzle Victoria’s visitors.  

Kayaking along Phillip Island

Want to paddle into sea caves, marvel at granite cliffs and maybe spot a penguin or dolphin while you do it? A kayak tour around Phillip Island never disappoints. Made for both beginners and experienced kayakers, Sea Kayak Australia’s full day Phillip Island tour gives you freedom to explore one of the coolest coasts in Victoria.

Just like the ocean, Victoria’s water activity options are vast. For more trip planning resources head to our website!

Searching for a wild Platypus

Hidden in Great Otway National Park, Lake Elizabeth is known for its resident platypuses. However, you may need help finding them. Thankfully, Otway Eco Tours offers guided canoe trips on the waters of the lake and into the secret places where platypuses are known to frequent. These oddly built creatures are as elusive as they are interesting, but with a little help from a trained guide, you just may spot this special Aussie animal.

Photo: Josie Withers

Cruising the Yarra River

Why walk on water when you can relax on it?  The Yarra River runs right through Melbourne and a boat cruise on its calm waters is a special way to enjoy the city. Many cruises offer sightseeing, public or private tours and in some case, even dinner!  

Walking on water near Sea Lake

Where in the world can you walk on still, natural water? Victoria, of course. More specifically, the northern town of Sea Lake. Located near the Australian Outback, this quaint town is home to some of the planet’s most unique lakes, Lake Tyrrell. In some spots when the timing is right, the lake is shallow enough for you to walk its reflective surfaces, which gives the illusion of walking on water.

Surfing ocean waves

Australia is synonymous with surfing and nowhere is that more apparent than Victoria. After all, the state is home to one of the world’s premier surfing competitions, Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. For more amateur surfers, Victoria’s coast is full of peaceful beaches to try out the sport, including the gentle tides of Sandy Point in Gippsland.

Whale watching in Warrnambool

If you want to see a bigger aquatic mammal, that can also be done in Victoria. At the end of the Great Ocean Road, Warrnambool is famous for being on waters frequented by Southern Right Whales. Take up a spot on the dunes at Logans Beach and look to the ocean. You just may see whales as close as 100 metres from shore.

Swimming with dolphins

Where there’s saltwater in Victoria, there’s usually dolphins. These playful residents enjoy the company of visitors and have been known to interact with dolphin-seeking tours. Hop on a guided boat from Port Phillip Bay and head out to say hello to the bay’s estimated 150 bottlenose dolphins.


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