The 8 Types of People Brits Miss Who Live in Melbourne

Miss someone who lives in Australia? You’re not alone. Recently, we asked over 4,500 Brits who know someone in Australia just who they would love to meet in Melbourne. These are just a few of their answers along with our top suggested activity for their reunion:


43% of our respondents said they miss a son or daughter who lives in Melbourne. Sounds like there are a lot of parents who need to start trip planning!

Suggested activity: Walk through the city’s laneways. Kids love showing Mum and Dad just where they love to go.


The average Brit has 38 first and second degree cousins. There’s a strong likelihood that at least one of them lives in Australia too! Afterall, 1 in every 8 people we asked, said they would most like to visit a cousin who lives in Australia.

Suggested activity: Great Ocean Road trip. What better way to travel than by packing the car full of relatives and going down one of the world’s greatest roads?

Friends from their time studying abroad

Australia has been a popular place over the decades for Brits to attend university. More often than not, they leave Aussie friends behind when they graduate and move back to the UK.

Suggested activity: Visit the State Library of Victoria. The library…just like old times.

Friends who moved away from the UK

33% of respondents said they would most like to reunite with friends who live in Melbourne. There’s no distance too great to visit a best friend.

Suggested activity: Shopping and talking through Queen Victoria Market.


12% of those who answered said they’d love to meet their grandchildren living in Australia. Many even said it would be their first time meeting them! This needs to change.

Suggested activity: A ride on the Melbourne Star.

Old colleagues

More than three dozen people said they’d most like to visit a former colleague who now lives in Melbourne. Of course, they’d have much more to talk about than work should they reunite in Australia.

Suggested activity: Catch up over a delicious flat white in Federation Square.

People they met while travelling

Brits love to travel and so do Australians. Many respondents said they’d met Australians on their travels around the world and still keep in touch.

Suggested activity: Hot air balloon flight over the city.

First Loves

Seven respondents listed their first loves as the person they’d most like to meet in Melbourne. The heart knows no distance!

Suggested activity: Romantic dinner at Attica to rekindle the flame. Who says first love can’t be had twice?

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