The top places to see in Victoria around the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

Move over, Europe. The best one-day cycling event on the planet may very well be in Victoria, Australia in January. The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race is quickly becoming one of the top races on the cycling calendar and with riders like Chris Froome, Richie Porte and Mark Cavendish already having participated, it’s clear that elite cyclists have taken notice. So what’s so special about this race? Incredible views of the Great Ocean Road, sensational weather, and tremendous spectator support to name a few.

Surely, you’ll want to join the festivities in 2018. Incorporating this race into your holiday is easy and so is finding a spot on the course to watch as riders blow by. Want to pedal the course like the pros?  The People’s Ride lets amateur cyclists ride through the same course as the professionals do. Whether you’re watching the road race or in the saddle yourself on the course, there will be plenty of sights to see. Here are some tips on where you can best enjoy this scenic cycling event, before, during and after.


On the course: Places to watch cyclists from the roadside

The road race travels through these memorable spots in Victoria.  Find a place along the road and witness the colourful sight of pro cyclists whizzing by.



The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race begins and ends in downtown Geelong. The biggest city in Victoria west of Melbourne, Geelong is worth spending several days of your trip to Australia. Enjoy the beaches and food scene in this seaside city. If you’re just as into cycling as you are watching the sport, hire a bike and take it out in the bike-friendly spot.



Barwon Heads

How great is Barwon Heads? Great enough for Tour de France champion Cadel Evans to purchase a home in this quaint coastal spot. With a high-class golf course, spectacular beaches and a lagoon full of Australian birds, there’s plenty to explore in this town after seeing the racers ride right through it.



A seaside resort town known for its relaxed lifestyle and beaches (aren’t they all?) Torquay is not only a great place to see the race zoom by, but also to slow things down and put your toes in the sand.


The Great Ocean Road

Well, it’s called the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, after all.  There’s no more scenic road in the world than the Great Ocean Road. The spectacle of cyclists rolling through on the GOR is one to behold, but just one of the incredible sights on this famous drive. Hire a car and traverse the Great Ocean Road all the way to the end and you’ll see iconic animals, rainforests, and fantastic ocean lookouts.  


Bells Beach

Home to the world’s longest continuously running surf competition, Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach is famous for one big reason.  Surfing.  It’s one of greatest surfing spots on the planet and one of the greatest spots to watch surfers on the planet.  One of the true spectacles of Australia.


On A Second Screen At The Australian Open

Well, we did have to mention that the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race takes places on the same day as the Men’s Final of the Australian Open. Thankfully, there’s two weeks worth of tennis that you can watch in person before the road race, including the Women’s Final!


 Beyond the course- Places to explore after the race is over

Once the race is over, it’s time for you to collect some mileage on the road.  Extend your time in Australia by completing an unforgettable road trip on the Great Ocean Road.  These scenic spots await further west of the course.  



Photo: James Lauritz
With incredible beaches, tasty seafood and a large population of kangaroos, 
Anglesea is a must-see along the Great Ocean Road.


Airey’s Inlet

This tiny coastal town is famous for its signature lighthouse that’s been operating for over 120 years.  Split Point Lighthouse is a favourite photo spot for travellers (especially those that were fond of the children’s television show, Round the Twist!) and is just a short drive beyond the most western parts of the road race course.  



Waterfalls and beach lookouts are what bring visitors to this tiny beach town on The Great Ocean Road.  A hike to Erskine Falls never disappoints nor do the long sandy beaches of this coastal community.  


Great Otway National Park

Photo: Robert Blackburn

With coastland, beaches, rainforests, and mountains, Great Otway National Park is the best of Victoria packed into one protected place.  Drive through the park on Otway Lighthouse Road and keep an eye out for the park’s numerous koalas who make their home in the trees.


12 Apostles

Photo: Mark Watson

One of the most miraculous natural structures in the world, The 12 Apostles await just off the coast from the Great Ocean Road.  These magnificently sculpted limestone stacks jet out of the water and offer an astounding reminder of nature’s power.  


Don’t just be limited to the 108 miles of the Cadel Evans Road Race.  There’s much more to explore in Victoria before and after the cyclists go flying by spectators.  Hire a car and travel your way down the Great Ocean Road for one of the world’s most remarkable road trips.  For more tips on visiting Victoria and Melbourne, visit our information-packed website


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