11 incredible things you’ll see around the F1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne

The Australian Grand Prix will once again be held in Melbourne in 2018. With the most modern cars ever produced and days full of events, exhibitions and races, there’s no shortage of things to see on race weekend. Just what might you see at the Australian Grand Prix that you couldn’t find at any other F1 race in the world?  Let us show you:


Over 270,000 fellow fans

Combine the Australian summer sunshine with a world-famous city and mix in the fastest cars on the planet and you’ve got the perfect mixture for a highly-attended sporting event. The Australian Grand Prix race weekend stretches over four days and routinely draws hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic fans.


The first checkered flag of the 2018 F1 Season

While the Formula One season covers nearly the entire globe, there can only be one city that starts the season. That city is Melbourne, which is proud to host the first race on the calendar. Only in Melbourne does the race start without a points leaders and every driver in contention for the title of World Champion.


St. Kilda Beach
Photo: Josie Withers

The Australian Grand Prix takes place at Albert Park, a scenic and green piece of land right in the heart of Melbourne. Just how close is the track to the most iconic places in Melbourne? World-famous St. Kilda Beach is roughly half a mile from the most southern turn of the race course.  


A blue algae latte
Instagram: @matcha_mylkbar

If Formula One cars are the pinnacle of auto-innovation, Melbourne is the pinnacle of coffee innovation. With world-class coffee and plenty of acclaimed cafes, the city is known for exploring the limits of the latte. Just a few steps from St. Kilda beach is the Matcha Mylkbar which specialises in wild drinks such as the blue algae latte.


A century old amusement park
Photo: Roberto Seba

Also by St. Kilda Beach is the extremely photogenic and historic Luna Park. This amusement park has been entertaining visitors since long before Formula One racing and features the longest continuously running roller coaster in the world. The famous mouth-wide-open entrance is a favourite for visitors wanting a unique photo to send home.  


A world’s top 50 restaurants: Attica

 Instagram: @atticamelbourne

In Melbourne, it’s possible to see the world’s top drivers during the day and eat at one of the world’s top best restaurants that night. Just south of the course is the renowned restaurant, Attica which was recently named not only one of the top 50 restaurants in the world but the top restaurant in Australasia.  


Air displays

The roads of Albert Park aren’t the only places you’ll see incredible machines during the Australian Grand Prix Weekend. The four-day festival also features frequent air displays that will have you mesmerised between races and events.  


The Eureka Tower

Melbourne’s skyline is quite the scene and is visible from most parts of the racecourse at Albert Park. The tallest structure is The Eureka Tower, which hosts the highest public viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere, Eureka Skydeck 88. This popular lookout is open to visitors and offers a spectacular 360-degree view of the city.


Open roads meant for your driving
Photo: Robert Blackburn

Less than a mile away from the race course is the M1, a freeway that stretches west and towards Geelong. Just an hour’s drive on the M1 puts you at the entrance of the Great Ocean Road, one of the most scenic drives in the entire world.  Visit for the Australian Grand Prix but stay to explore Victoria and its many famous road trips.  


The Shrine of Remembrance
Photo: Mark Chew

Within walking distance of the track is The Shrine of Remembrance, a magnificent memorial built to honour all Australians who have served in the war. The monument is an iconic landmark of the city and offers the best views of the city skyline.  


Art covered laneways, perhaps with drivers in them
Photo: @lewishamilton

How many cities can say that their laneways are a must-visit?  That’s certainly the case in Melbourne as the city government has allowed local artists to paint alleyways in brilliant colours.  Even the Formula One drivers like Lewis Hamilton have been known to explore these fabulous spots in Melbourne’s CBD.


Ready to visit Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix?  How about extending your stay and taking a lap around Victoria with an unforgettable road trip. Coastal explorations, inland journeys, and mountainous adventures are all possible with a road trip outside of Melbourne. Our website is full of itineraries and ideas to help you best plan your Australian holiday.   




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