Where you are today vs. where Qantas can take you tomorrow

There’s no better way to escape the cold and dark of February in the UK than to jump on a Qantas flight to Australia.

Take off from the UK and the next time you step out of an airport, you’ll be in sunshine-filled Australia with diverse wildlife and inviting sand beaches waiting for your arrival.

The UK to Australia trip is a journey that you’ll start with a heavy coat and want to finish wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Here’s a glimpse of what the UK has looked like recently compared to what waits just a Qantas flight away in Australia.

To experience the Qantas difference for yourself, head to the Qantas website for the latest information on fares and availability for flights to Melbourne.

London to Melbourne

Photo: David Holt

The Tube to The Tram

Photos: Tom Page, Mark Chew

British Countryside to The Yarra Valley

Photos: John Stratford, Rob Blackburn

British coast to Wilsons Promontory

Photo: Colin Cubitt

Stonehenge to 12 Apostles

London traffic to The Great Ocean Road

Photos: John Keogh, Rob Blackburn

Birdwatching in Britain to Phillip Island Penguin watching

Photo: Tim Ellis, Garth Oriander

Atlantic Ocean to Dolphin spotting in Port Phillip Bay

Photo: Marianne Bevis

British Football to Aussie Rules Football

Photo: Matt Churchill

UK wildlife to Australian wildlife

Photo: Peter O’Connor, Garry Moore

British hills to The Grampians

Photo: Allan Maciver, Rob Blackburn

British public square to Federation Square

Photo: David McKelvey, David Hannah

British lakes to Lake Eildon

Photos: John Keogh, Rob Blackburn

British golf to Coomealla Golf Club

Photo: easylocum, Rob Blackburn


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