You know you have travelled to Victoria, Australia when…

With distinct wildlife, the ultra-modern city of Melbourne and stunning natural attractions, the Australian state of Victoria is one of the most unique destinations on the planet.

Here are just a few of the way you know you’ve arrived in Victoria!

Visit Victoria

You’re on a beach. With no one.

With nearly 2,000 kilometres of coastline, Victoria is full of beaches to relax. It’s not uncommon that your footprints in the sand are the only ones for the day.


You meet a local on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a wildlife wonderland and its not an uncommon sight to spot one of the island’s many little penguins.

You’re looking at Andy Murray and it’s January

Every January, Melbourne hosts the word’s biggest tennis stars at the Australian Open. Andy Murray has been to the final three times but always finished runner up. Is 2016 his year?

You get a ‘roo staredown while driving

Our wildlife is as curious as it is unique. You never know when a kangaroo will make eye contact when you’re driving down winding Victoria roads.

You get devoured by the park

Melbourne’s famous Luna Park has been open for over 100 years and welcomes visitors with an open mouth!

You’re in the largest stadium south of the Equator

The Melbourne Cricket Ground holds over 100,000 fans at peak capacity. That’s larger than Stamford Bridge and Anfield combined.

You spot a celebrity in an alleyway

Stars and professional athletes are often seen exploring Melbourne in their downtime. With annual events like the Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Open, it isn’t uncommon to see top athletes like Lewis Hamilton checking out Hosier Lane.

You’re admiring art but you’re not in a gallery or museum

Melbourne’s street art scene is unparalleled in the world. Hosier Lane, a visitor favourite, looks different with every visit.

You fully appreciate why it’s called golden hour

Victoria’s coast line is one of the most photogenic spots on the planet. If you can wait until sunset, the colours are spectacular.

You yield for a wombat

You never know what may cross the road on a drive through Victoria.

Your swimming partners are seals and dolphins

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy taking a dip on the Mornington Peninsula. Seals and dolphins frequently share the water with visitors and are known for being curious and social.


You’re eating mouthwatering Greek food, but you’re not in Greece

Melbourne is home to the largest Greek population in the World that is not in Greece. The city puts an Australian twist on Greek food, making it both unique and delicious.

You’re meeting someone “under the clocks”

The common Melbourne phrase means to meet at the steps of the famous Flinders Street Station.

You’re looking at the largest stained glass ceiling in the world

Inside the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, you’ll find an enormous stained glass ceiling designed by notable Australian artist Leonard French

You’re driving on the left side of the world’s most beautiful road

The Great Ocean Road is known as one of the world’s most scenic rides, and just like in the UK, travellers get to navigate by driving on the left side of the road.

You can see a vineyard, from another vineyard

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the favoured wines in the Yarra Valley, where grapes grow at an estimated 300 vineyards.

Bonus: Answers from our UK visitors!  

You know you have travelled to Victoria, Australia when…

You are on fabulous beaches.

Barbara Thompson

You’ve travelled the Great Ocean Road.

Karen Lorraine Scarlett

You meet under the clocks at Flinders Street Station.

Lynne Brown

There’s very little traffic when you leave the city. It’s a pleasure to drive over there.

Peter Ridgway

As you can see, there is much to be explored inside and outside of Melbourne.  Victoria is known for an extensive road system that easily connects you to the most interesting and incredible Australia experiences. For a full list of self-driving routes and itineraries, visit our website for UK travellers.


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